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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Registration Saturday for MedicAlert Connect Protect

Shelburne | by Jill Young  
Shelburne Police will be holding a registration session for service that helps find people who go missing - faster.

Shelburne Police along with Orangeville Police and MedicAlert Foundation have partnered to make sure people affected by things like autism, brain injuries, or Alzheimer's will be found if they are lost.

Now the Shelburne Police will be holding a registration session for people to get their loved ones signed up for MedicAlert Connect Protect.

It's June 15th from 11 to 3, at William and Main Street East during the Shelburne Street Festival.

The program will help officers search more efficiently, increasing the chances that those who go missing are reunited with their loved ones sooner.  

Officers would get around the clock access to a registered subscriber's photo, identifying information, past wandering history and other medical information through the MedicAlert database. 

For more information on MedicAlert Connect Protect click here:

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