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Did you know that 98 percent of the businesses in Canada are small businesses?

That means shopping small can lead to big things!

When you shop small, you support business owners in our community, who employ your friends and neighbours: Your son or daughter’s coach. People who know your name! Plus, you contribute taxes that make our community stronger.

At Country 105, we're celebrating the role small businesses play in driving our economy!

We encourage you to "Shop Small" and be part of something big!

This month, we're featuring TrainerGames Fitness Centre in Shelburne!

The TrainerGames Fitness Centre is a 7,150 sq. ft. facility, equipped to serve individuals of all training levels. The expansive and welcoming fitness environment has been designed specifically to accommodate trainers of all levels and statures, whether that be beginners, intermediates, individuals, couples, families, teenagers or seniors. Their mission is to ensure that every member feels supported, comfortable and educated to find the perfect fitness program for them. We motivate our members to stay focused on their fitness goals which will end in the results that brought them to us in the first place: to get into the best shape of their lives. Through a fun, social environment with supportive peers and group activities and events, they aim to become a stronger, healthier community!

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